here are two of the TID you are probably talking about
3899360&sliceId=SAL_Public&dialogID=42194049&state Id=0%200%2042192824
10059406&sliceId=&dialogID=42194049&stateId=0%200% 2042192824

Get the complete public dir with Nwadmin and the snapins needed at

>>> On 6/25/2007 at 6:21 PM, in message

<YZYfi.1764$>, Charlie
Silverman<> wrote:
> I know that I had found fairly detailed instructions for configuring the
> gateway with GW 6/7, but now that I'm going back looking for them I
> can't
> seem to find them.
> Does anyone know where I can find said instructions? I know they were
> online somewhere.