You are correct.

the UseImportContainer switch is so that now we have a way to change the
location of where all the Groupwise users get imported in to exchange..

Please leave a comment in the doc and the doc person will probably add it to
the doc for you. here is the link to add info but you can find it in the
bottom of the doc.


>>> On 6/18/2007 at 1:57 PM, in message

<vsBdi.3891$>, Patrick
Frontéri<> wrote:
> Patrick Frontéri wrote:
>> Again another issue with the Exchange gateway. This time regarding

> importing
> GW users into another AD-container than the default of 'GroupWise'.
>> Documentation (section 5.2.1 - between nr. 7 and 8 in

> /documentation/gwgateways/gw7_exch/data/ab32nt1.html)
> states that we can modify the Import Container tab in the Exchange
> gateway
> object under Administrative Groups > First Administrative Group > Routing

> Group > First Routing Group > Connectors > Exchange Gateway Connector. But

> it
> also states to use the /useimportcontainer switch.
>> So what I wonder is if I need to use both settings for making it work??
>> - does not work with only changing the TAB option

>> Then what is the syntax of the container in the switch?
>> /UseImportContainer-GroupWise-Users

>> like it is in the Import Container Tab?
>> /UseImportContainer-/dc=net/dc=domain/ou=GroupWise-Users

>> or what if there is a space in the container name?
>> /UseImportContainer-"/dc=net/dc=domain/ou=GroupWise Users"

>> And what I see is that if I did put in something in the Import Container

> tab, I cannot remove it again!!!
>> - but then it does not seem to matter, as if I don't have the switch,

> only
> info in the tab, GW users go to the default 'GroupWise' tab.
>> Is this working as designed?
>> - can someone then explain how it should work?
>> - or how getting it to work as the documention states?

>> Best regards,
>> Patrick Frontéri
>> - GroupWiseR of Norway!

> --------------------------------
> Since noone else replies to my message, I can to that myself - now that I

> found out what they mean in the documentation ;)
> The /useimportcontainer swith is ONLY for informing the gateway to
> actually look for that information in the gateway setup in AD/Exchange.
> So
> the swith needs only to be enabled, then it'll import the GW users to
> that
> OU in AD.
> - why couldn't documentation be clearer on this??
> Best regards again,
> Patrick Frontéri
> - GroupWiseR of Norway!