By now if you have turned on the news you know about the collapse.

All 6 lanes of I35 collapsed at 6:05pm. The bridge, sitting 65' above
the river, was very crowded with vehicles, bumper to bumper traffic.
Even a school bus with a youth group of kids aged 6-15 was on the
bridge. One guy was in the freefall riding his truck down to teh shore
landing nose first foding the truck in half. He got out injured, and
with 4-5 other guys climbed up the steep roadway and they carried out
the kids on teh bus.

The estimate is over 50 cars went down with the bridge. Multiple
trucks went into the river. One tanker nose first. Only about 5' of
the tanker was out of the water.

At this moment only 1 confirmed death.

Personally I was quite close today, and almost went over the bridge
between clients. I didn't even know about this until I got home.

My daughter was going to go that way to get her husband from teh

Hits too close to home.

Timothy Leerhoff
Novell Support Forum Sysop