VPN client 3.8.16, Netware 6.5/SP6/post-SP patches, BM 3.8 plus, if
memory serves, SP3 + IR4.

The whole business hasn't changed in a long time and has been working
just fine.

Yesterday, one user reported not being able to login, but I could login
just fine. Then mine broke later in the day. From my machine, I tried
another username/pwd and they worked but mine would not, however I could
login onsite or via pcAnywhere just fine. IOW, Netware liked my name
and pwd but the VPN client didn't.

I went into nwadmn32 and changed my password, and that solved the

Go figure - I have no clue. DSREPAIR found nothing to fix on any
server, PKIDIAG found one thing to fix on one server but it wasn't the
BM server we were having trouble connecting to, although we do have two
VPN servers so maybe this had something to do with this - the fix via
PKIDIAG was on the second BM server. But none of this solved the
problem, only changing my password did.