if the servers talk to each other through a pix or other firewall then it
could be the firewall does not drop the connection correctly and the netware
server is hanging on to those connections forevern..

Set maximum wait states=5 on the netware server so that it will not hold
over 5 connections that are waiting to terminate. Also you may want to
check on TIDs for GWIA, PIX and disable the fixup protocol

>>> On 7/3/2007 at 8:08 AM, in message

John S<John.S.2t5f0z@no-mx.nds_engineer.com> wrote:
> Exchange server(s) are holding open all GroupWise available
> TCPconnections, and outbound traffic comes to a dead stop...
> Does anyone have any idea?
> Any help will be greatly appreciated....-- John S