Setting up a user to sync wireless to groupwise via GMS.

We get to the calendar portion of the setup, and I say.

Ok we have 2 ways we can do this. I can merge everything in your phone
with what's in groupwise. Or I can nuke the phone calendar and replace
it with what's on the server.

If I merge, you can get duplicates if you have the same appointments in
both places.

If you are sure that everything on your phone is on the server, or you
don't care about what's on your phone, I can refresh it, which means it
will erase the phone calendar and just bring down what is in the
Groupwise calendar.

User-"Go ahead and do that"

So everything in your phone is in groupwise?


Ok, because I don't want to lose any of your stuff.

User-"No, go ahead it's fine."

Ok... Hits refresh.... wait wait wait.. Done.

Ok here's your mail, contacts, calendar.... ummmmm hmmm


You only have 1 appointment on your entire calendar?


"I only see one, hang on let me sync it again."

Sync finishes, still only one...

User-"I had all these other appointments in here"

"Ok lets go over to your pc and see if they are in Groupwise."

User-"I don't keep all of my appointments in Groupwise, some are just on
the phone."