Hello all: Yesterday one of our T1's went down. When this
happened I began to see some very odd behavior when running
traceroute or pings (troubleshooting). Our network is as

Main office:
Branch 1: (T1 which went down)
Branch 2:
BM (internet):

Routing map on routers and servers is: -> (cisco router) -> (cisco router) ->(T1)-> (cisco
router) -> (cisco router) ->(T1)-> (cisco
default -> (BM39 server) ->(cisco

Now when the T1 went down the I did a tracert I entered a
loop between the cisco router at and the BM server
at This would loop until the ttl counter
expired. Pings would die at as well.

What I don't get is that if I ping an address across the bad
T1 I should never get to the BM server????? Since the
address matches a defined route, it should never hit the
default route rule?? Or does a failure automatically send
the packets down the default route???

Thanks for the help, Chris.