Going to be upgrading my BM3.8 box to new hardware. I figured this would be a good time to move to 3.9. Will actually be doing a reload and not an upgrade. Was checking Craig's site and seen a security services patch 2.0.4. according to the 3.9 spec's on Novell's site, NW6.5sp6 is required but the NICI version can be 2.6.
With the 2.0.4 patch, there are manual schema extensions that need to be performed. Also a FTF has been released for issues on this patch.
My questions are:

1. Is it necessary to apply this patch?

2. Would I need to apply this to all my NW6.5sp6 servers due to the above if applied to the new BM box?

3. Anyone heard when the first SP will be released for 3.9?

Thanks all