After migrating my NW 5.1 server (FS1) to new hardware, I can no longer
administer my BM 3.6 server (BM1) from FS1's NWAdmn32. Still using same
Windows XP workstation to run NWADMN32.

I tried copying the missing dlls from the \\FS1\sys.mig\public\win32\snapins
to \\FS1\sys\public\win32\snapins but when I run NWADMN32.EXE from
\\FS1\sys\public\win32 I get errors saying "The dynamic link library
\\fs1\sys\public\win32\snapins\alert.dll cannot be located or is corrupted".
I get repeat errors with the following dlls:


I found a technote 10022131 that indicates I need to reinstall the
Bordermanager snapins, however I'm not clear about the part regarding
single, centralized administrative console. Can someone please clarify if I
should do the following:

Run setup.exe from \\BM1\sys\public\brdmgr\snapins to

BM1 on NW 5.0 sp6 server
FS1 on NW 5.1 sp8 server