Have a BMgr 3.8 box with NAT working successfully for two out of three secondary addresses bound to the public interface. Have had the two nat-ed addresses working successfully for a couple of years, just added a new device that needs to be accessible from the public side.

I bound the new public IP to the public interface on the BM box; it is right in the same list with the other two, it is in the same range as them (actually right between them), so no problems with being on a diff. network. Set the NAT translation identical to the other two (just diff. addresses, of course), rebooted the server. Could not ping the new public IP from the public side. Went physically off site and could not access the new device. Checked bindings again, checked NAT again, rebooted server again, checked bindings/NAT again, everything looks perfect except for the fact that it doesn't work.

All devices are on the same switches/wires, so if I can ping one, I should be able to ping the other two. There's only one router with one set of access rules, so it's all for one and one for all. I can access the device just fine from on site, but zero access from off site.

Thanks for any help!