Hi all, I am not sure exactly which forum to post this in so I will try it
here. Two servers involved, both are running NW6.5SP5, one of them has

Server-d has a private IP of and is running a program that we need
to access from outside of that network.

BM server has a private IP of and a public ip address of
XXX.XXX.XXX.144. NAT is running on the public card and has XXX.XXX.XXX.145
resolving to

We have a software program running on for an alternative school
and wish to access it from our main LAN at the high school. I had to send
the company some config files and open up some ports. They are making a
"client cd" for us to install with at the high school. I put in the
necessary filter exceptions to allow the ports and they cannot access port
3306 which is what the sql is running on. I took the filters totally down
and they still can't get to it so I don't think it is filtering. I then
turned off the Symantec firewall, so that is not it.

If I am wanting to get to port 3306 from the outside, what could I be
missing. You can type either public ip into a browser and it brings up the
page, I can get to either one and run imanager and remote console. Filters
are down, firewall is off......any suggestions???