...Im having a bad bad day!

We have bm36 (NW6) working flawlessly for the last 3-4 years. Its Nat'd to
our webacess server (nw6.5 and gw7.02) on another box - until today.

This week we changed ISP's received new public IP and new A records.

The problem we are having is that today remote users cannot access the
webacccess server.

with the filters off (unload ipflt) i can ping the box. DNSstuff traces
everything to the Ip as well.

On the inside I can access webaccess from a browser.

Yes, i have checked that the secondary ip is correct. I looked at the
existing filters and changed them accordingly for the new public Ip. Email
is being deliverd on the new configuration without a problem.

What gives?

Oh by the way, it might get worse, im scheduled to leave on holiday on
friday! Maybe not!