How big can these guys get before performance becomes and issue, see here
is my thing...

We have two proxies on two different internet lines, the one is for the
bulk of users the other for business purposes, but this is misused like
always, even with web filtering sites are visited thats by far not
So here is what i was thinking, on the business proxy block ALL urls, and
then only allow the identified business sites...BUT now these guys will
need to go to not so official sites, so here comes my pac file now. In the
pac file i want to specify use proxy2 for "business urls", defined in the
.pac file, and for all other urls use proxy1 , and then of course internal
sites no proxy. (we currently are using pac files for the exclusions and
the different regional proxies etc)

So my worry with the size!!!....i for see that the list of business urls
might become uh, I dont know a few hunderd?....so will the PAC/pc browsers
be able to handle this?