I have a user with a laptop who gets the following error:

An error was reported by the IKE application
Either %s is an invalid VPN server address or the IKE is not loaded on the
VPN server. For more details please look at IKE Log.

retransmit timer expired :Peer lost our reply retransmit the old packet to
x.x.x.x send main mode message to x.x.x.x
IKESend: failed to send 376 bytes to x.x.x.x, err=-1
ike-sa is deleted - packet retransmit exceeded the limit dst=x.x.x.x
(x.x.x.x is our valid vpn server address)

user says vpn used to work on this laptop. can take another laptop and
connect to same remote network, use same vpn client and login and vpn

Firewall exceptions on non-working laptop have been made. can disable
firewall altogether with no luck.

only tid I've found says to make sure authgw.nlm is loaded; it is.

VPN server: Novell 6.5 SP6, BM3.8
laptop: windows xp, media center ed., SP2, Novell 3.8.9 client