When I use Bordermanager 3.8.16 on my WindowsXP machine I can browse to using internetexplorer.

... but when I use the same version of Bordermanager on my WindowsVista
machine I can't browse to using internetexplorer.

I've tried "ping [IP]" and I only get replies on my WindowsXPComputer but
not on my WindowsVistaComputer.

Authentification seems working fine and the bordermanagerprogram looks
like if it is connected.

I'm using the account "administrator" on my WindowsVista computer and I
have turned off UAC. Installation of Bordermanager 3.8.16 on my
WindowsVista computer seems successful. The built in WindowsFirefall is
turned off on my WindowsVista and I've added vpnstats.exe and vpnlogin.exe
to allowed programs in the Firefall just to be sure.

(When I try to uninstall Bordermanager on my WindowsVista computer I get
the error "Unable to determine local operating system")