Running bm38 on a nw6 box. All is running quite smoothly, except for a
weird issue.

Just got another block of public IP's, had to put them on a different
nic as the range is not near our existing public IP's. So now I have 2
public nics in my bm server.

Setting up a NAT entry on the 2nd nic. Nic is assigned addy a.b.c.d w/
a 2ndary addy of a.b.c.e NAT'd to a private addy.

Trying to connect a Tandberg vid conferencing unit to one at another
location. They tell me they see when we call, initially shows up as
addy a.b.c.e (2ndary addy), but then their firewall drops packets,
citing "illegal translation" errors coming from a.b.c.d (nic addy).

Any ideas?

ps - all the other NAT'ing we do on this server works just great.