We just recently installed a new GMS server.

In our initial test to connect a device, we are receiving an HTTP 500
error related to Apache/Tomcat.

I have tried the following steps to fix it (as mentioned in other posts).

Any ideas how to fix this error ?

1. Logon to the GMS server
2. Stop all Mobile Suite services (Intellisync mobile suite service)
3. Navigate to folder C:Program FilesIntellisync
4. Rename folder C:Program FilesIntellisync
MobileSuiteTomcatwebappsgenweb to genweb.backup
5. Create new folder called genweb and unpack the genweb.war file to it

(Note: you can use winzip to extract this file or temporarily rename it
genweb.zip and use Windows explorer to extract it)
6. Restart the Mobile Suite services and servers
7. Open up the web page again and the error should not occur