Hi all,

I am hoping someone can shed some light on a bizarre issue that is
plaguing me here.

We have (10) Q Smartphones, Groupwise 7 and the Intellisync Mobil
Server V6.7.2.2

I set them all up identical months ago, but 3 have giving me problems.

Those three all have the exact same problem.

The phones will receive new mail, but any changes made in the phone
will NOT reflect back in GW when syncing. They emails on the phone have
to be deleted manually or they will accumulate.

Same with the calendar, changes made in GW will reflect on the phone,
but changes made in the phone do NOT reflect back in GW.

BUT, there is always a but....if I log the user into a Citrix session
at their desk, then into GW via Citrix, and do NOT turn GW on at the
desktop level everything works just fine.

Resetting the Intellisync account seems to work temporarily, but its
quickly apparent that emails will start to build on the Q and not sync


Frustrated in Allentown
Collison J Corner
Concannon, Miller & Co.