I saw a few posts out there with this error after running into this problem myself, but found no solution. My device wasn't syncing with GW, even after deleting and recreating my account. After a full refresh on my deivce, the error wasn't popping up. However, whenever I made a change on my mobile device and tried to upload the difference to the server, I would get the following error in the GWMS 2.0 log:

Unexpected failure detected:NestedException

After turning on Verbose logging, to my embarrassment, I discovered the following:

User exceeded Max. allowed disk space in GW (see below):

Yup, I had exceeded my allowed disp space in GW! Once I cleaned up my mailbox and increased by allocated disk space limit :-), the problem went away.

I thought I'd post this as a fix for this error and possibly errors, at least a method to find out what the real problem is (turn on Verbose logging and check the PIM_User*.log in C:\Program Files\Intellisync Mobile Suite\log).


Bill Scully

Senior Network Engineer and Administrator
Trinity International University
Information Technology