We use GW 7 together with GW Mobile Server 2 with SP1. We now use Office
2007 with the new file format based on XML (docx, pptx, xlsx). Problem: As
soon as there is an email with an Office 2007 file attached in the In-box,
the synchronization to a Symbian 60 V3 device stumbles, e.g.
synchronization is not successful. New mails entering the GW-mailbox
trigger the push mechanism. This leads to a duplication of the new mails
in the GW-mailbox because of the sync-mechanism is not working properly
anymore. Deleting the email with the Office 2007 file attached in the
GW-mailbox and all new mails on the mobile phone solves the problem (until
an new email with Office 2007 file attached is received...).

Has anyone had a similar problem?
Does anyone know a solution?