We are working on deploying the zen agent via the Zenworks Desktop
Management - Agent Distributor Utility. (Zenworks resides on a Suse
box, console one is running on a windows XP machine. We are not using
active directory)

On very rare occassion it works. However, the majority of the time, it
reports incorrect deployment results.

For instance, I list an ipaddress range of say 20 ip addresses. In
this case, some of the addresses are invalid and do not exsist. When I
click the deploy agent button the status window appears and says
processing X/XX, in the results window it displays every address and
lists the results for that address. This process takes seconds to
complete, which tells me it did not process anything as installing the
agent should take more than that per workstation to first download the
agent then install it. 99% of the time it says that the deploy was
successful. It says this on address where the machines are turned off
and even for addresses that dont exist on our network.

Has anyone else experienced similiar results or know of a way to "fix"