Hi. We are configuring 2 OES Netware servers, 2 OES Linux servers, and 2
OES iSCSi servers. Ideally we would like the iSCSi Target servers to be
Netware and Linux. A few questions:

1) Can OES Linux be an iSCSi Target? There appears to be software
available, but the Novell documentation only covers Netware as a Target
and Linux as an Initiator. If not, we could make it a 2nd Netware Target
since the apps are GroupWise and Apache.

2) The Linux Initiators can connect to the Netware target. Logger says
successful, iManager shows them as active, but the Linux server does not
mount the iSCSi device. The iscsi start command fails after 9 retries
and never returns "new hardware found". Any ideas? Is there a log that
would give more information? Maybe Initiator trustee rights to the Target?

Thank you!