I created several NCP volumes on our Linux OES, some with full
permissions for all and some with full permissions only for the owner.
Some of the volumes are owned by root and some are owned by one of the
regular users. From a Windows machine using Novell Client for Windows, I
can access and map NCP volume files with the admin user (setup in
eDirectory as a LDAP,LUM, and iFolder3.0 user). However, regular users
cannot view these NCP volume files. Regular users can navigate through
the Linux server and eDirectory tree with the Novell Client, but cannot
view the contents of the NCP volumes.

However, everyone can view the "SYS" NCP volume that is installed by

How do you setup NCP volumes so that everyone can read them? Also, is
there a way to setup NCP volumes so that only certain users can read and
modify them? I was unable to find much information online concerning the
NCP Server.

Joe Barrett
Maclay School
Tallahassee, FL