I wanted to transition from NW5.1 to Linux so I did it in steps. First I
upgraded the NW 5.1 server to OES 6.5. No problems with that update.
Then I installed a new server with OES Linux and added it to the
existing tree. So far still no problems.

I installed the Linux operating system on one hard drive and on another
hard drive I created NSS Pools. Everything went without a hitch and
seemed to be working fine except for some really strange issues on the
new NSS volumes. I copied the data files from the old Netware volumes on
the Netware server to the new NSS volumes on the Linux server.

Occasionally the clients will not see files that are there, for example
an application may report "file not found" errors when trying to read
Btrieve or Access database files. Close the program and restart and
everything may work fine (or not).

A backup program will report "The system cannot find the file
specified." when trying to backup a directory. The backup program (NTI
Backup NOW) obviously saw the file when it scanned the directory looking
for files to backup, but when it went to back it up, it no longer saw
the file (the file is there).

The strangest problem only happens when a user with a Windows 2000
client (everyone else is XP and all are 4.91 SP1) accesses our main
application to test it. When the program first starts up it reads a 128
byte file to retrieve a serial number. Occasionally when the Win2000
user does this, it will report that the file is not found. When you look
in the directory in either a command prompt or windows explorer you will
see two zero byte files with that file name instead of one 128 byte
file. If one of the zero byte files is deleted it will then show the
other file to be 128 bytes and the program will then run just fine.

I would appreciate any clue anyone can give me on how to track these
problems down.