I've always tought that on Netware, to create a file into a directory,
you only need the CREATE trustee on the directory.

On Netware 5.0, Novell client 4.9SP2 on winxp, we had to give CREATE &
FILESCAN so that students may be able to copy their files to the
network, and no other students would be able to change their work.

On OES LINUX (sp1 not applied yet, but will be) on a NSS/NCP volume,
novell client 4.91, I need to add CWF, with only CF, i get access denied.

With netstorage on the same oes linux, i have to give RCWF, not giving
read makes netstorage to show a blank page, even without the header's
menu !!

Is the bug in the client, or in nss/ncp ?
Is this a bug ?
I tough that giving only the create right, users will be able to upload
their work, and won't be able to read it, neither change it after.