During the summer, we moved our servers from Netware to OES Linux. After
the upgrade, we have noticed two things happening:
#1. Most of the time, our files are not being saved for salvage as they
were on Netware. Some files are available but others are not. I can not
find any rhyme or reason for why some are and some are not and the volume
is flagged for salvage.
#2. Occasionally, files of our users are getting locked and then are
unaccessable until we reboot our server. Even if the program is closed
correctly, the files some times get locked. We have had this issue with our
Quickbooks data in particularly and it has made our administrative staff
very uncomfortable. It also happens with our gradebooks of our teachers as
they are regularly modified, but it happens with normal files as well.

These issues did not exist on netware and I am wondering if I am doing
something wrong.
Thank you,
Scott Forbus