Hello, I'm trying to setup a new test server running OES SLES 9, and
I;m having trouble with the setting up of EVMS and NSS.
Using the documentation from the Novell Support site, I finished the
install of OES, but when I follow the step of changing the /etc/fstab file
to modify the location of the /boot partition from /dev to /dev/evms where
it can be managed by EVMS. I receive an error on restart saying that the
file or directory does not exist, and my system will no longer boot into
the GUI mode, it just runs in the text mode only. I'm able to change the
boot device back to the way it was, and everything seems fine, but I need
to change this to make NSS work properly. Can anyone shed some light on
what I might be doing wrong? Thank you for any help that you can offer.