While transferring files from my windows workstation to my mapped NSS drive
(logged in w/ the Novell Client against my OES/Linux SP1 server) the server
choked, stopped transferring the file, and explorer locked up. I had to
reboot my workstation because I couldn't even bring up taskmanager to kill
explorer. When I logged in again the client couldn't map the NSS share.
I tried unmounting the volume on the server, which it seemed to do
successfully, but hangs on remount. I tried rebooting the server and now the
server hanging at the mount command to mount my NSS volume. iManager Storage
locks up whenever I try to view Pools or Volumes and NSSMU locks up no
matter what I select.
I'm afraid NSS is somehow corrupted. Is there any file/database consistency
check tool that I can run if it won't mount?