I wasn't directly involved with this so please bare with me.

We've recently migrated from Netware 6.5 to OES and we're finding that a few
of our end users are having issues with some of their files.

We're finding that if they open, for example, an xls file on the original
6.5 server, make some changes then save back to that server then it's fine.

However, if they open the xls from the 6.5 server, make some changes then
save it to the OES server it's either crashing their Excel or they get the
error: 'Unable to open file'.

They can however open the file from the 6.5 server and save it to their
desktops without any errors.

The clients are NT and 2000 and the version of Excel is 97 if that makes any

Any ideas?

Thank you.