I'm looking into one backup solution, and need some pointers into what
backup software would be worthwhile looking at.

We currently have three backup solutions in place at the moment

1. Windows Arcserve 11.1
Backing up Windows2000/2003 servers, MS-SQL databases and Exchange 2003

2. NetWare BackupExec v9.2
Backing up Netware 6.5 and some windows boxes

3. Several Linux boxes backing up to local DLT drive (rsync)

My thoughts at this stage are:

One media backup server, an HP-DL380G4 (sas/sata) running Novell OES
Linux with about 500-750gb internal storage, and two HP Tape drives
attached (probably 2 of their new SLDT units).

(OS does not NEED to be OES Linux, but the only other option will be
Windows, not OES Netware tho)

We want to use B2D2T technology, and we want to write to both tape
drives simultaneously.

We need to backup the following services to one media server.

Novell NetWare v6.5 and NDS
Novell OES Linux server and NDS
Windows 2003 server active directory
Windows 2000 server
Windows XP pro
MS-Exchange 2003

I was thinking of keeping Windows Arcserve, but then I could see no
remote backup agent for NDS, so thats out.

Syncsort looks good, but as well all know aint that cheap.

Commvault Galaxy I'm waiting to hear back about confirmation that it can
achieve what I'm after.

Any other backup software that you fine people know that is worth a look?

Many thanks