I'm quite new to whole this busniess with Novell, but I love it!
I have two VMware boxes where I play and hack OES, one minimal which I
have installed all things like eDir and NSS from scratch and so on, and
one normal OES installation to compare configurations from.

The wierd this is this, which probably is very easy to solve:
In NSS (iManager and NSSMU) I can create and remove volumes just fine.
Active and deactivate works just fine too, as well as renaming

The thing is that when I delete/create/rename a NSS volume, the eDir is
uppdated correctly and my workstation sees it in the tree, but can't
access it!

Deactivate / activate works, atleast last time i tried.

When I reboot the OES after the change, it's updated. Same thing if i
kill ncp2nss and restart it, but to me it sounds like there sound be
some facilites for this to occur automaticly, or should I add a cronjob
or something?

This case occurs in both my installations. Thanks in advance!