I've just setup an OES Linux box connected to our SAN. I have 4 X 100GB
SAN partitions joined with LVM, formatted with reiserfs and then shared
via NCP. All is well with this setup and performs very well except for
the following problem:

On a Windows box in Windows Explorer, I was moving existing data from an
NT4 box to the NCP share. Explorer encountered a deeply nested long
file name and reported:

"Cannot copy {filename displayed here}: The filename, directory name, or
volume label syntax is incorrect."

Through a process of elimination, I played around and determined problem
occurs when the length of the path and filename together is over 242

When close to this limit, Windows Explorer will also crash trying to
access the Properties of the file on every machine I've tried it on.

I can happily copy files/paths much longer than this on the Linux
console, but files with a path/filename longer than 242 are then not
accessible from a Windows box, reporting an error reading the file, to
the point where right clicking on it brings up a limited context menu
with no options to copy/cut/delete etc.

The problem is the same regardless of mapping to a drive letter or using
UNC path.

Has anyone else seen this? Is there an option for ncpserv.conf that can
extend this limitation?