I have a server setup with some NCP shares, one on a ReiserFS LVM volume
and one on an NSS volume - doing some testing:

ResierFS on LVM:
/dev/mapper/system-disk on /disk type reiserfs (rw)

DATA on /media/nss/DATA type nssvol (rw,name=DATA)

When I use the rights command on the NSS volume it works fine, but on
the Resier volume is reports an error as below:

Command: rights -f FOLDER/ -r rcf trustee user.org.TREE
Error adding trustee: Error finding file

I've tried every combination thinking I had the syntax wrong, but the
command works perfectly on the NSS volume.

If I assign trustee rights using a Windows PC, it correctly works on
both volumes and is reflected correctly in the trustees database xml
file on both volumes.

Am I missing something here? Is what I'm doing supposed to work or is
it a known limitation?

The reason I'm trying this is to do test a complete data restore from
backups after parsing the trustees XML file and generating the rights
commands. Works fine on NSS, not Reiser, as above.