I have a Promise FastTrak SX4100 PCI SATA RAID card. Promise says it
works with a SLES 9 box, they even have drivers for it on their site.
So I installed the card into my OES Linux SP2 box running on a Dell
Optiplex GX280 (will be used as an RSYNC box) and have 3 hard drives
attached. 2 Maxtor 500 Gig Drives (RAID 1), and 1 Maxtor 400 Gig drive
(JBOD). I downloaded the SLES 9 driver from promise site and
untar/ungzip the contents. I then follow the directions in the readme
to no avail. The drives are not showing up in the partition tool in
YaST and I can't seem to find any mention of Promise or FastTrak in the
boot message. Thanks in advance for the help.