Just installed OES Linux SP2 and BEX Master server. We have two Admins
in our tree. One is .root.galg and the second is .root.galg_us.galg.
During installation of OES, I specified .root.galg as the administrator
to the tree but for some unknown reason, it did not get Linux enabled.
So I manually Linux enabled .root.galg and also .root.galg_us.galg. In
the OES Linux server, a local user ROOT was created. Checking on the
UID, this ROOT corresponds to .root.galg. I connected to the BEX Master
server via GUI interface, navigate to Configure-Enterprise. Went to the
configuration of the master server and click on Test to verify
connection. It gave me an error that the OES Linux server is not
available. In the User name field, I
tried .root.galg, .root.galg_us.galg but the only User name that seems to
work is the local user ROOT.
Has anyone encountered this problem? Why won't BEX accept the edirectory
username? Posted the question to BEX support but so far no resolution.
Thank you in advance for any insight.