I'm following Novell's guideline for moving non-clustered devices from
Netware 6.5 to OES Linux.

I've have run the decom.pl script on the Netware server and then run
recom.pl on the OES Linux server. So far so good, I can see the NSS volumes
just fine. But....

1- The trustees are gone. Have manage to get this part done with a mixture
of trustee.nlm export and a "home-made" perl script that calls the "rights"

2-The owner are gone. Anyone as a clue on how I can get those back ?

3-From a terminal session, doing an "ls" command have got :

/bin/ls: VOLDATA.TDF: No such file or directory
/bin/ls: ~DFSINFO.8-P: No such file or directory

Those files must be system files from the old Netware server. How can I
delete them ??

Thanks a lot,

Louis-Steve Desjardins