Hi All,

I am looking to implement a backup solution for our servers & wld value your
Ideally a single solution, cheaply (as we're a school)...
I am open to options like backup to LTOtape, Disk etc (or even both

We are gradually migrating our novell servers/services from Netware to
OESsles, however this may take upto a yr. We also (unfortunately) have a
few M$ servers...

Currently around 1.5 Tb of data & 15 servers.

Netware = NSS vols
OESsles = REISERFS & NSS vols
NDS trustees/rights etc

We currently use Bakbone's Netvault backup solution however this is only
used to backup the Netware(nss) vols and has been pitted with bugs/issues
over the last Yr...
I wld like to hear any comments or experiences that you have gone thru with
your approaches to backup solutions...