I am having some problems with iscsi on OES sles9

i have a Snap appliance that is configured with 2 volumes.
One is for SLES9 OES netware, and the other is a unix volume
the unix volume is currently mounted via a fedora core 5 machine
CHAP is enabled.

i have installed the iscsi drivers on sles9 SP2 with Yast
Yast reports the system was updated less than a day ago.

i have edited the file /etc/iscsid.conf setting the fields
username, password, CHAP authentication, and the discovery address

i have also edited the file /etc/iniatorname.ioscsi
and set the initiatorname to the device iqn.snap...

then when executing /etc/rc.d/iscsi start

the script hangs

the messages log reports
could not open control device /dev/iscsictl
cannot find iscsictl in /proc/devices

can some one tell me what i have missed,