Has anybody experience in multipathing on OES SP2?
I followed the instructions in this article:

I have a Compaq HSG 80 SAN and i use 2 Qlogic FC-adapters.
After i have configured multipathing i can see the following with the
command "multipath -l"

dm names N
dm table TESTPOOL N
dm table sda1 N
dm table sdd1 N

When i remove one fc-cable the following happens:
1. If i remove the cable from the 2nd adapter - the NSS-Volume is alive
2. If i remofe the calble from the 1st adapter - the NSS-Volume is dead
If have tried to manually activate the Pool with nssmu - it cannot be

I have tried the same with a reiserFS-linux-volume:
1. see above
2. the volume is available for read only use.