Trying to setup 2 node OES SP2 cluster. System partitions will be
local RAID 1 drives and want to set up NSS volumes on HP SAN.

Have read posts here and on other msg boards about setting up NSS
using EVMS, but am a bit confused about the correct installation

Have read 1 post elsewhere that said EVMS was not necessary at all.

If EVMS is required, it seems best to set it up during the install
rather than afterwards, but have not been able to find ANY
documentation on how to do this.

Have looked through the Novell Cluster Services for Linux & Netware
book section that has a procedure for setting up NSS/EVMS after the
install, but it says the procedure "assumes that the shared storage
device has already been set up properly." I haven't figured out what "
already been set up properly" means.

Do I need to setup the NSS volumes using EVMS?

How do I set EVMS up as the volume manager during the install?

If I set up EVMS post-install what does "shared storage device has
already been set up properly" mean?