I've relatively new at this, so please bare with me.

I have an HP585 with an Emulex LP10000CD connected to a MacData fabric
attached to an IBM DS8300. The server is running OES 9 SP2 (SLES 9, SP3)
with kernel updated to 2.6.5-7.276. I'm running the latest SDD code from
IBM. I used EVMS to create my volume.

My problem is I cann't figure out how to auto mount the volume at startup.
One problem is that the volume is not active at startup. I have to either
go into YaST/system/partitioner and back out or run evmsn/action/quit/save
to activate the volume, then I can mount it manually. I have not been able
to find anything telling me how to permanently make the volume active on

This may be related to my second problem. The /etc/fstab file has and entry
for the volume I created. The entry looks like this:

/dev/evms/lvm/wpc1/wpc1 /wpc1 reiserfs defaults 1 2

If I do not comment out this entry, the server boots into maintenance mode,
with only the root (/) partition mounted. Commenting out this line allows
the server to boot correctly. I think if I can get the volume to be active
at startup, I can un-comment this line and have the volume mount at startup.
Am I dreaming or is there a lot more going on that I'm missing?

Any and all comments welcome.

Todd R. Strauch
Systems Programmer III
University of Michigan
Ann Arbor, Michigan