I've read several of the posts and this is giving me a very sinking
Briefly, my environment here is Backup Exec 10d running on a Windows
2003 server (media server). I was backing up 1 Netware 6.5 box, 1 SLES9
box running GroupWise 7, 2 Windows 2000 boxes (one SQL), and 4 Windows
2003 boxes (one being the aforementioned media server). We added a new
server running OES and that is when the problem started. This
environment was initially Backup Exec 9.x and the Unix remote agents
were free. When I upgraded to 10d, I had to purchase a remote agent for
the new OES box. I haven't had a backup full network backup since
(October 9, 2006).
I have spent countless hours on the phone with Veritas (got it escalated
early on so I was dealing with Tech support in New Jersey). From what
I've read here, it appears that NSS is the issue on Linux. I have NSS on
Netware and it was backing up perfectly.
So my question is, should I upgrade to version 11 and hope that fixes
the problem? I'm running out of options at this point, all I want is a
good backup. Sorry this is so long and I appreciate any help this group
could offer.