I'm running a Windows based BrightStor (ArcServe) R11.5 SP1 along with
the OES R11.5 Agent. All seems to be installed OK and the agent is
running, but I cannot get the Windows end to login to the Agent (no
obvious network issues).

I've read (and read, and read) the documentation for this I'm stuck! -
Does anyone have any experience of using this combination?

What should the login be? - Full context as with a Netware Agent or
Linux style(I've tried both!) - The documents have been written
assuming you are running the Linux backup program!

Also in the docs (Best Practices) - There is a section on eDirectory
File Data Protection - It seems to be saying that you need to create a
script to copy the database files to another location to ensure they
are backed up! - Is this correct? (it does not sound very satisfactory
to me!)