We have an OES Linux SP2 server, latest patches via rug, with an 8TB NSS
volume. The server has 2x3GHz XEON processors, and 2GB of RAM. It has an
eDirectory replica, but beyond that is only used as a file server.

I'm trying to do either a verify or rebuild on the NSS pool. I'm using
'nsscon', then 'nss /poolmaintenance=POOL1' as per the documentation. When I
try to us ravsui after that, I get the following error:

NSS error: Rebuild aborted prior to producing detailed information
Status: 20000
Source: repairZRP.c[782]

The server isn't running anything memory-intensive. I can shut down ndsd,
tomcat/apache, and the other stuff installed by OES, and I still receive the
same message.

Any suggestions?