I'm trying to patch a freshly installed OES Linux SP2, and if I read
the online docs correctly, Yast Online Update is not the way to update
OES, but rug/red-carpet is. (I assume that's correct?)

In my case I have just installed a plain OES/SLES9 so far, as I'm
planning on adding the OES services one by one. So I started out
with a plain "Default" package selection. I actually had to manually
choose to install rug and red-carpet from "yast sw_single" ...

Anyway, I get this far, the service is registered:

jau:~ # rug service-list

# | Service URI | Name
1 | https://update.novell.com/data | Novell_Update_Server

jau:~ # rug act -s 1 <my-reg-number> <my@email.address>

System successfully activated
Refreshing channel data
Refresh complete

So far so good, but when I look for channels, I find none:
jau:~ # rug ch

Warning: --- No channels available ---

So I can't subscribe to the OES channel:
jau:~ # rug sub oes

Warning: Invalid channel: 'oes'

Have I misunderstood completely? Some basic human error?
This is a demo activation, but it should still get patches?

Any hints/ideas?