Has anyone come across is unusual problem. I have RAID 5 running on adaptec
2410SA SATA controllers. OES 9 SP2 installed. NSS volume occupying the
whole of the RAID5.

I have another IDE drives with large amounts of DATA (approx. 300GB). I am
using tar to copy data from the IDEs to the RAID5. During the copying
process, the RAID volumes disappear from Linux. Using fdisk and yast shows
a non-existent volume. Unable to mount because the physical device
/dev/sdc1 does not exist. I have to reboot to get the volume back.

This is the same symptoms I have been getting on two different machines. I
have upgraded to the latest firmware on the 2410SA controller. I have
turned write caching off.

I am about to upgrade to OES9 (SLES9) SP3 to see if this makes any
difference. Any help is much appreciated.