I'm planning on setting up a server with NSS, iFolder and more.

It is a home server, but I'm planning to store pretty important data
on it, so I'm planning on having the system partitions (/var, / and
swap on RAID1). So far, so good.

I have one computer with two 250 GB PATA disks and two 250 GB SATA
disks. I have already installed OES 9 SP2 with just the default
server/SLES9, not NSS or any other OES service yet.

I created md0 (/dev/hda1 and /dev/hdb1 as a 512 MB /boot, being
RAID-1) and md1 (/dev/hda2 and /dev/hdb2, LVM volume group with the
volumes var, root and swap, approx. 30 GB).

My plan now was to create a partition of 219.5 GB on all four disks
and then create a RAID-5 volume of these, hopefully using NSS. I hope
NSS is mature and up for the task now ...

But I might be in for some trouble. I was reading some old course
documentation, and if I understand correctly, I cannot have any EVMS
volumes on the drives I created LVM volumes on. Right? So I could
start over and make the RAID-1 volume group in EVMS, but then again
it's not recommended to have the root volume on EVMS if I recall
correctly (am I?).

And another thing that might be bad: The old course documentation
claims that using a SATA controller for software RAID might cause the
server to reboot. Is this still an issue?

I guess I just have to create the EVMS partitions and then NSSMU or
iManager will be able to configure these for RAID-5 and such? Or do
I have to first use the evmstools to create the RAID-5?

Maybe I should go for the OES2 Beta 1?
(I haven't used NSS on Linux since OES1 beta something, and back then
it was not ready, but I'm hoping it's ready for production use now.)