I'm using Syncsort Backupexpress and all work fine. Backupperformance =
45-50 MBpS Restore dto.

When I try to Backup my OES NetWare Server (Backup standard = 40 MBpS /
Backup with expanding Compressed Files = 1,5 MBpS) and Restore to the OES
Linux Server (Restore Standard Backup = 2,5 MBpS / Restore from Backup
with expandet Compressed Files = 45-50 MBpS), i get a timing Problem. Is
there any solution for this? I Also tried a copy Files, but the 3 MBpS
using the direct Copy from Syncsort are not enough. Rsync is not
possible, because of Filenames on the Server ( and other "dirty"
Characters and stupid Names).

The Amount of Data are 560 GB with 24 GB Compressed Files or 670 GB

Both Systems are 2 Note OES Cluster and the Storage is an IBM DS43000
(Fastt600), but HD Performance is quit good! Restore to reiserFS is also
good, only the Restore to NSS when compressed Files are on it is bad.

Any Idea?