I'm strongly considering purchasing Novell's OWS and am trying to get
a very rough cost estimate for hardware & various other necessary
software such as backup solutions. I've read through a ton of
documentation, scoured Google, and have talked to a few pre-sales
people, but some of this still remains a mystery to me.

Dell/EMC's AX150i iSCSI seems adequate enough for our small storage
needs. Anything I should be aware of or take into account when
deploying NSS with iSCSI?

And what about backup solutions? Anyone have any recommendations on
backup software and hardware that's going to safely and reliably
backup OES, GroupWise, eDirectory, everything in NSS, etc?

This is a pretty small shop with only a couple of TB of data
currently, with 3 newer PowerEdge servers. Any help you can offer
this Novell nube is much appreciated.