As part of my disaster recovery plan I have an OES Linux server with a
NetWare 5.1 file server mounted using ncpmount. The Linux box then serves
up the NCP mounted NetWare server volume using rsync to an OES Linux
server at the DR site which pulls the files down daily. A cron job on the
NetWare box runs TRUSTBAR to dump the trustees which are reapplied to the
files on the NSS volume at the DR site. In addition because many of the
files being rsync'd are compressed and I don't want to unnecessarily
the NetWare box prior to the copy and set it back equal to 1 after the
copy. This all works very well the DR copy on NSS OES Linux has all the
correct data, rights and I am not decompressing my source data.

However I have now changed the source server to be an OES Linux box
running NSS too. This should make the process of the synchronisation
easier: I can run rsyncd on the server directly instead of running on a
separate server, and the output from metamig on the source can be
reapplied on the destination without needing to use XSLT to modify the XML
(which differs between NetWare 5.1's TRUSTBAR and OES Linux's metamig).
However I am stuck with the compression bit. I know that within nsscon I
can run nss /ConvertCompressedToUncompressedOption=0 but I wish to do this
from within a script and it won't let me.

Does anyone know how I can set nss compression options via a script? I
know I could modify the nssstart.cfg via the script and then "bounce" the
volume but that seems really ugly.

Thanks for any help, Simon.